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HR Remedy India, already known for HR consultancy , and in 2010 we started Staffing and Recruitment, Govt. emphasis on job creation to create millions of jobs in 2018 . According to survey done by Recruitment Agencies in Pune , hiring will be increase by  20 % in April 2017-18 .Private sector , start ups , Technology , IT  will contribute more  , ” IT Recruitment Firm in Pune  , Managing  Director   Mr. Rohit Guru  said.

The Government’s ‘Make in India’ Campaign to make India a Technical hub, presents a huge opportunity for job creation. Moreover, increased emphasis on skill development and education would help make a lot of youth job-ready.

With the government putting strong emphasis on job creation, experts today said measures proposed in the Union Budget can help in creating millions of employment opportunities in the coming years.

Top Consultancy in Pune :  HR Remedy India , Senior HR Manager  said, “Jobs and hiring in India needs to shift from being ‘qualification based’ to being ‘skill based’ as this will ensure that even the educational institutions will focus on imparting skills that lead to employ-ability, rather than doling out certificates and degrees”.

“With the government’s impetus to boost growth and facilitate  Investments ”

Recruitment Agencies In Pune reported ,  sectors like infrastructure, manufacturing and related industries promises to create a vast pool of job opportunities in the coming years .
Minister Arun Jaitley said that the government will soon be launching a National Skills Mission through the Skill Development and Entrepreneurship Ministry.

The Mission will consolidate skill initiatives spread across several Ministries and allow us to standardise procedures and outcomes across our 31 Sector Skill Councils. The minister also said, “to ensure that our young get proper jobs, we have to aim to make India the manufacturing hub of the world”.

“Quite a progressive and positive budget, if the plans to Invest .

in infra and mega power projects materialise, alongside the sops offered to SME businesses the boom in jobs would be unprecedented,” Recruitment Firm in Pune , HR REMEDY INDIA   said.

The setting up of AIIMS, IIT’s and  hubs across several states will help address the huge demand for IT jobs in India.

   In sectors such as manufacturing in auto and defence equipment will open job avenues and steer economic growth & overall development,” recruitment consultancy in Pune ,said .

“The Budget allocation for startups should be used to promote startups in Tier 2 cities and beyond. This can lead to significant generation of quality employment at par with city counterparts for youngsters in these regions

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