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How does Budget 2018 affect

How does Budget 2018 affect Companies and Individuals in India

Budget 2018: Economic Survey 2018 of India was  presented in Parliament. This is the first economic survey after the Goods and Services Tax (GST) was implemented last year. Notably, the Modi government’s crucial budget 2018 will be presented by Finance Minister Arun Jaitley on February 1.


Economic Survey 2018: Economic Survey 2017-18 of India presented in Parliament. This is the first economic survey after the Goods and Services Tax (GST) was implemented last year.

HR Remedy India: Working as a Bridge between Employer and Employee to Fulfill Enrolment Needs

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A company may require a consultant to complete tasks that the internal staff cannot perform due to lack of expertise, existing commitments, government regulations, or a need for an unbiased opinion. In such circumstances, consultants may work alone, with a team, or partner with company employees to accomplish a wide variety of functional and technical objectives. While accomplishing these objectives, the consultant might serve as an implementer, an adviser, a trainer or a publisher.

HR Remedy India is one of the fastest growing HR Consulting,

HR Training in Pune

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Why Every MBA /BBA Student Should Learn Online Marketing

Why Every MBA /BBA Student Should Learn Online Marketing

Online marketing holds huge promise for MBA/ BBA students and they are snapping up roles with a new wave of marketing firms. MBAs have greater potential for jobs in new marketing trends. Technology continues to drive business in the 21st century, and mastery of online marketing operations and techniques is a prerequisite for success. And therefore, MBA’s should start thinking Digital and below are detailed justification why we think an MBA/BBA should pursue Online Marketing Training Program:

As a online marketing institute we have faced many questions from different persons.

Avoid Mis-Hiring to Boost Performance, Cut Costs – HR Remedy India


             Organisations are as good as the people the have, but hiring the most appropriate candidates is challenging and more often than not, it is not well done. From HR Remedy India view nothing that an organisation does is more important than hiring the right individual. Research ago defines mis-hiring is 50% in the top 100 organisations of the world by using the best search firms & having best internal processes.

HR Certification Courses!

HR Certification And HR Classes In Pune

Who we are?

HR Remedy India is HR Company started in Jan 2008 and doing almost all HR activities for corporate and Institutes . In-fact, Our company is very much beneficial for you; we are a group of powerful and knowledgeable individuals who are enthusiastic about Technology and helping individuals like you grow… we help you to make your career!

We have invented HR Practical Training and we teach HR Generalist Training ,

Advanced SEO Training Institute In Pune


HR Remedy India is Pune based Digital Marketing Training provider company . We known for Best SEO Training Institute in Pune , we teach SEO , SMO, Google Analytics, Google Adwords,Affiliate marketing, Internet Marketing , Email marketing to Professionals , Students , Business persons . We have started our digital marketing training operation in 2014 with Sulekha.com as Corporate training provider company and in just 2 years we have Trained 2000 + candidates .

Digital Marketing Classes

HR Remedy India is the Best Digital Marketing Training Institute based in Pune, provides digital marketing classes for management student as well as working professional. Our digital marketing courses in Pune  are exclusively designed to impart practical internet marketing skills.

Our digital marketing training classes provide individuals with remarkable skills that will help them achieve their vision in life. We firmly believe that our digital marketing courses and teaching methodology are as par with comprehensive values.

HR Generalist Practical Training


What are the duties of a HR Generalist?

HR generalist is a employee in the HR division who handles numerous types of HR obligations.

While large organizations often have bigger, more specialized HR teams, smaller organizations only employ a few HR. Compliance-oriented and ideal obligations are the responsibilities of HR Generalist. Compliance-oriented projects consist of tracking and reporting on employee documentation, providing advantages and pay-roll and offering employee solutions and coaching.

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