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Computer learning


Cross Cultural Communication & Business Etiquette

Communication Across Cultural Divides Corporate Training
  •  Appreciate the importance and need for developing professional business etiquette and social skills
  • Develop a Global Perspective of Cultural Dimensions
  • Use specific indices to analyze the cultural differences between nations
    • Executive Business & Social Etiquette Bringings Pizzaz & Punch to The Office.
      1. Develop a Holistic Perspective of Cultural Dimensions and the Art of Socializing in the Business Circuit Managing Effectively Motivating , IInspiring,Collaborating & Leading People
      2. Continuously evolve people through the ability to deliver  performance of individuals and teams at noticeably higher levels.
      3. Help people find solutions for themselves by thorough self-involvement as a manager, exploring options together.
      4. Harness individual capabilities towards overall organizational success, by putting the business objectives in synch with personal interests.
      5. Developing People through the use of Situational Management in order to optimize the success of the result and create an open and safe environment for personal and professional growth of the people.
      6. Managing For Success @ Work A Professional Competence Development Journey
      1. Vision : To develop a guiding vision to guide the course of life.
      2. Direction : Develop personal stratagem that goes into charting life’s course-Investigate the Past & Invent the Future
      3. Personal Impact : Transacting WIN-WIN solutions
    • PROFESSIONAL SKILLING (Time,Task & People Management)
      1. High Precision Speed
      2. Flexibility & Adaptability
      3. Reliability & Transparency
      1. Investing In Team Relationships: Competitive Collaboration
      2. Building Team Effectiveness: Evolving people to deliver performance of individuals and teams at noticeably higher levels. Leading People to Personal & Professional Effectiveness
    • Develop Perspective / A Guiding vision and the Need to Plan Develop A Structure and Attitude For Success
    • Differentiate between Strategy and Tactics : Managing Seamlessly Learn Lessons in Excellence and Modern Management
    • Understand and Manage one’s own Conflict Management styles and how to balance Assertiveness with Working Relationships
    • Understand how to develop Ambassadorial Interpersonal Communication Transactions. Demonstrate Situational Leadership Flexibility whilst developing people through the use of Situational Management
    • Inculcate the ability of Lateral Thinking to think and perform across the spectrum of Black, White and shades of Grey.
    At The Steering Wheel Of Life
    Motivating People to Reach Beyond the Mundane & Rigour of Life to Aspire &
    Achieve Personal & Professional Success
    • Develop a guiding vision or a “star” to guide the course of life.Personal stratagem that go into charting life’s course
    • Identify the benefits of planning and setting goals in personal and professional life Discover how to consistently maintain these strategies across difficult terrain especially in conflict and how to adapt them.
    • Effective and powerful interpersonal communication transactions the “SITARA” way. Apply communication techniques successfully at work while handling multiple reporting assignments To become someone who makes things happen
    • Understand how to develop Ambassadorial Interpersonal Communication Transactions. Demonstrate Situational Leadership Flexibility whilst developing people through the use of Situational Management
    • Inculcate the ability of Lateral Thinking to think and perform across the spectrum of Black, White and shades of Grey.
    • Asserting Interpersonal Prowess

    Managing Powerful Relationships

    • Achieving Assertive Professional Interpersonal Equilibrium driven by Open & Transparent Relationships, Emotional Maturity and the ability to Work with Others in Competitive- Collaboration
    Masterminding Mentoring Manoeuvres

    Mentoring Effectiveness

      • Develop effective mentoring techniques and skills, needed to help people continuously and consistently achieve higher levels of professional effectiveness
      • Define roles of a mentor, protege, mentor’s manager and protégé’s manager Manage the six step mentoring process
      • Set milestones for the mentoring relationship
      • Identify and deal with common mentoring problems Chart organizational readiness for mentoring programs
    The Success Audit

    Benchmarking Success

    • Defining Self and Role of Self in Professional Life Develop the ability to Identify and Manage Perceptions
    • Create A Structure and Attitude to work with : Best Professional Practices coupled with an Attitude for Success.
    • Learn to Manage Self, Task and Time : Managing the circuit of Strategizing- Planning-Executing-Evaluating-Re-strategizing
    • Understand and Manage Conflict with SITARA ease Discover how to “Change the Smell” of the Organization To Build Professional Partnerships by Investing in Relationships.
    Customer Service & Consultative Selling Skills

    Creating Wealth For The Customer & The Company Corporate Training Service

    • Appreciate the need for Customer Service
    • Understand the Customer better.
    • Determine the individual and organizational role in Customer Service
    • Develop a positive & favorable approach to serve the Customer and understand Customer’s needs
    • Identify and enhance skills that support Customer Service and Effective Selling
    • Evolve Efficient & Effective Personal Selling Strategies
    Negotiation Skills
    Winning Ways To The Customer’s Purse
    • Understand the Need for Negotiation
    • Study the Process of Negotiation
    • Learn to balance Competitive with Collaborative Decision Making
    • Distinguish between Interests and Positions
    • Understand the crucial role of BATNA
    • Identify Stakeholders,
    • Constituents
    • and Interest Mapping
    • Learn to Communicate & Emote Effectively
    • Learn the use the Seven Pillars of Negotiation Wisdom
    The Winning Edge
    Putting Your Competences to Work
    • Developing Strategic Thinking abilities
    • Managing Time Effectively and Efficiently
    • Developing Professional Selling Skills
    • Building Communication Skills -focus on Presentation Skill Development
    • Appreciating the need for and develop Business Etiquette and Social Manners
    • Developing Interpersonal Relationships
    • Appreciating and recognizing Conflict and how to approach Conflict Resolution.
    Redefining The Edge Of Excellence
    Reframing Personal Development Paradigms
    • Understanding Self better and developing a Positive Self Image
    • Fostering a keen sense of Responsibility and Commitment towards achieving goals
    • Building Communication Skills – Positive Verbal, Non-Verbal & Listening Skills
    • Developing Interpersonal Relationships, Team Building & Leadership Skills
    • Appreciating and recognizing Conflict and how to approach conflict resolution.
    • Planning how to manage Time efficiently and effectively
    Making & Managing Miracle Teams
    Together Everyone Achieves More
    • Identify the benefits of building and managing strong and effective teams
    • Develop team stratagem to enhance effort that go into making a team strong and effective
    • Discover how to consistently maintain the strategies involved in successful team work, by adopting effective team processes
    • To understand their own conflict management styles and how to adapt them.
    • To understand how to develop effective and powerful ego-states for effective interpersonal communication transactions inter and intra teams.
    • Begin to think of continuously evolving as a team into a better team through the ability to deliver performance of individuals and teams at noticeably higher levels.
    • Apply the learning’s of the program to build confidence and trust in one another to be able to handle all team issues in a professional manner.
    Time Management
    Managing Self & Managing Task
    • Understand self better and how one contributes to or detracts from the ability to manage time
    • Develop the ability to set Coherent , Specific, Measurable, Actionable, Relevant and Time-Bound
    • Short Term and Long Term Goals
    • Identify Time Wasters and develop Personal Strategies to tackle them
    • Plan how to manage time efficiently and effectively
    Business Communication
    Communication- The Currency of Success
    • Appreciate and Understand the Need for Proficient Communication.
    • Develop Effective Written Business Communication skills.
    • Critically Examine the aspect of Interpersonal Communication in an Organization .
    • Learn How to make Powerful Presentations.
    Presentation Skills
    Putting Your Best Self Forward
    • Differentiating bet Effective & Ineffective presentations
    • Detailing Ingredients of a powerful presentation
    • Outlining Techniques – The BOMBER-B formula
    • Video-graphed presentations and analysis
    • Segmenting the 3 Blocs of Presentation Design and Delivery
    • Using Presentation Design Template
    • Making Persuasive Presentations
    • Handling Memory Lapses
    • Personalized Improvement Action Plans
    Creativity & You
    A Primer Workshop
    • Establish the need for out-of-box thinking in rapidly evolving businesses.
    • Understand how lateral thinking boosts creativity.
    • Measure individual creative temperament
    • Experiment with ideas in a constructive manner
    • Know how to develop thinking skills
    Training The Trainer
    Grooming Home Grown Princes
    • Constructing the Image of a Trainer
    • Principles of Learning and Learning Styles
    • Domains of Learning and their Impact on Learning Styles
    • Designing a Training Module
    • Analyzing Training Requirements
    • Developing Learning Objectives
    • Training Techniques
    • Developing & Delivering Training Modules
    Managing Interpersonal Effectiveness & Influencing Skills (IEIS)
    • Appreciate fundamentals of Influencing skills- roots and effects
    • Analyze components of Interpersonal communication and their impact on relationships
    • Use power and trust to build relationships through networking
    • Value the importance of relationships to succeed at work
    • Study behaviour as a key to improve IEIS
    • Create awareness of own level of IEIS skills
    • Identify gaps and areas where IEIS can be improved
    • Draft an Action plan & ensure implementation
    Corporate Training & Development Solutions
    Typical Programs Conducted
    Days Required
    Target Group Trained
    Customer Service Professional Selling Skills Negotiation Skills for Winning Sales.
    2 Days each
    Front line Marketing & Sales Front line Technical execs/managers
    Cross Cultural Communication & Business Etiquette
    2 to 3 Days
    Executives/Managers being sent overseas/dealing with overseas clients in India
    Business Etiquette & Social Manners
    2 Days
    For Top Performing Executives handling Critical Client Accounts
    Redefining the Edge of Excellence
    2 Days
    A managerial competency based program for fast track executives
    Time Management
    1 Day
    Client’s choice
    The Winning Edge” A Communication & IPR
    2 to 3 Days
    Project /


    / Functional execs / managers
    Business Presentation Skills
    2 Days
    Marketing & Sales / Technical


    Train the Trainer
    5 Days
    Internal trainers of the firm
    Client’s choice
    Making & Managing Miracle Teams
    2 Days
    Team Leaders, Managers of

    High Performance

    Task Teams, Divisions
    Managing Effectively For Success
    2 to 3 Days


    Young Managers / Middle Managers Leadership

    program :

    Senior Managers
    At The Steering Wheel of Life
    2 to 3 Days
    Personal & Professional

    Effectiveness :

    Fast Track Officers & Executives
    Interpersonal Relationship Management Program
    3 Days each
    Executives, Young Managers, Middle Managers, Senior Managers
    Asserting Success.
    2 Days
    Assertive Communication Skills – for Executives and Young Managers
    LEDGE :

    The Leadership Edge
    3 Day
    Senior Managers in the Talent Pool

    ( Interpersonal Effectiveness & Influencing Skills )
    2 Days
    Executives, Young Managers, Middle Managers, Senior Managers

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