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    STATUTORY COMPLIANCE, in HR, refers to the legal framework within which organizations must operate, in the treatment of their employees.

    Every country has several hundreds of federal and state labour laws that companies need  to align with. This list is forever being added to.

    A lot of your company’s effort and money goes into ensuring compliance to these laws which could deal with a range of issues; from the payment of minimum wages to maternity benefits or professional taxes.

    Therefore, dealing with statutory compliance requires for companies to be well-versed with the various labor regulations in their country of operation.

    Being Compliant to Laws of Land is not optional but mandatory and non-compliance has serious implications especially on the CEO of a company. So, in today’s STATUTORY COMPLIANCE times of vast geographic spread and dynamic Legal framework, organisations need constant compliance support and guidance, to remain compliant and updated with changes in the HR legal system in STATUTORY COMPLIANCE.

    HR REMEDY INDIA’s STATUTORY COMPLIANCE Management Service offering is a perfect one stop solution for all HR compliance related needs. We through our pool of legal experts and PAN India network, keep our clients compliant and away from financial and legal liabilities.

    statutory compliance

    FARM Approach to keep clients Compliant:

    • Filing: of Returns, Registers, and Renewals etc
    • Advisory: Provide checklists, Conduct Audits
    • Reactive: Responding to notice/summons
    • Monitoring: Maintenance of Registers/Records

    Statutory Audits (Under Labour Laws)

    • Principle Employer Audit
    • Vendor Audit

    Statutory Remittance

    • PF, ESI, PT, LWF
    • Statutory Maintenance
    • Maintenance of Registers
    • Displaying of Abstracts
    • Monthly / Quarterly Visits at client premise
    • Registrations, Renewals & Amendments (on separate cost basis)
    • Returns
    • Replying on Notices

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